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What you need to know about Failure

james mandy
Many people complain and cried that they are failure because they tried something and it did not work and they live their life with low self-esteem and they called themself failure.

Who is a failure

A failure is a person who has given up on everything he/she ever wants to archive in life, may be because they tried it once or twice and then they say this is not for me and they quit trying to be great in life.

Why failure

Thomas Edison the man who discovered electric bulb try 999 times to create electric bulb but it all failed but the 1000 time that he tried it that was when he got it, and he was asked what keep him going after he failed 999 times he said he did not fail but he only discovered 999 ways that electric bulb could not be found.

Failure comes to make us stronger and to impact knowledge on us so we can be more wise and knowledgeable in life.

You are not a failure

You are not a failure because failure is part of the process to becoming a great man or woman, every great man or woman in life has failed and many of them still fail in trying to go higher but the most important and powerful thing is that they never give up If you give up then you have failed it is not easy but you need to keep on trying failure comes not to hamper you but to make you stronger and wiser there is this story of a mother bear and her child they were trying to climb to the top of a cliff but the mother bear tried and she got to the top of the cliff and her child was still trying to climb each time the little bear tries to climb she always falls down but something I love about the little bear was that she never gave up her goal was to be with her mama so when she falls she never gave up she will try to climb up again and her mama was at the top of the cliff calling her that was how she continued and while she was climbing up she was looking for new ways to climb, after different attempt of failure at the end she climbed to the top of the cliff and continued her journey with her mama.

You are not a failure the truth is that if that bear can do it you to can do it if Thomas Edison can do it you to can do it so don't give up it not time to give up but it is time to continue going up.

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Posted: Oct. 22, 2023, 12:42 p.m.

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