Afrobeats aren’t my thing, Fireboy says

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Singer Fireboy DML of Nigeria has stated time and time again that he does not play Afrobeats music.

His music, he insisted, is where his “roots and identity” reside.

The most recent installment of the “B And N” podcast from Amazon Music had the “Peru” singer as a guest.

“I don’t make Afrobeats,” he declared, repeating an earlier statement. I simply have a soft spot for mixed media. The Yoruba ‘h’ factor is audible in all of my musical creations, whether they be R&B or pop.

You can always tell that I am not an American or a Brit since my music always reflects my roots and my identity.

Fireboy urged Nigerian musicians to establish a foundation for their domestic music industry in light of their recent international success.

The fact that we are currently in this Western world is something I would like to mention. Now is the time for Afrobeats. After this, what should we do next? After this, what will happen?

More emphasis shouldn’t be paid to this Afrobeats to the world thing, in my opinion. Yes, we have arrived already. Prior to the Grammy establishing an African category, we were previously acknowledged. We’ve accomplished a great deal. It follows that a building must be erected. He was more worried about the genre’s long-term viability.

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