Ayra Starr is told by Rihanna, “I want to work with you.”

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Rihanna has publicly stated her desire to collaborate with Nigerian sensation Ayra Starr, therefore Starr’s dream collaboration may soon come true.

One of Ayra Starr’s stated goals in life is to collaborate with Rihanna, whom she has praised as an inspiration.

At Rihanna’s most recent Fenty event, however, the Barbadian billionaire singer initially brought up the idea of collaborating with the Nigerian diva.

Tape captured the two of them conversing on the red carpet.

After the Nigerian singer declared Barbados to be her “favourite place in the world,” Rihanna informed Ayra Starr that her cousin there was the one who first introduced her to music.

The mother of two made the following statement: “I’ve been hearing of Ayra Starr. I don’t know who but my cousin was like, ‘Oh my God, I got this.'” She couldn’t get enough of you.

β€œDo you have a song with Tems?” she inquired thereafter.

In response, Ayra Starr said, “That’s my sister.” We have songs, but we haven’t released any of them just yet. Though in the near future…

“Do you have another verse you could give me?” Rihanna said. Please give me a call back.

Here is the video:

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