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Business branding strategy

John Moses
You might be wondering what branding is or how can branding strategy improve my business, in this blog content i will show you how powerful branding your business is and ways to brand your business.


Branding is a unique way of differentiating your business from other business so your business can be easily identified by people or by your customers.
All am saying here is that by branding your business you will make your business to be easily identified so when people say facebook they are not talking about another app but the real facebook it makes your business to look more professional and trusted because when people see the way you have branded your business they will say ok this business is serious and so we can come to it, before publishing your business make sure it is a very well branded business.


Now let talk about business branding strategy by which you can brand your business which can also be called branding elements so you can be uniquely identified by people.
1. Name
2. Logo
3. Color
4. Fonts
5. Sound
6. Images

1. Name this is the first and one of the most important factors to consider when talking about branding, a business or company without a name is a no business because many people might not know that the business or company is in existence, every laptop, phone or software has a name so before you start your business get a name for your business and when creating a name try and make the name of your business simple and easy to pronounce look for a name that is not to long, because some time when people see a long name most of the time they will ignore the business and fill like this is not a really serious business for example look at apple facebook, google etc their names are easy to pronounce so try and look for a good name for your business.

2. Logo this is an image that represent your business or company so anywhere people see your logo that know that it is your business or company, most times people create logo that describe their business(what your business is all about) other times they create logo that has their business or company name on it for example facebook, google, quora and apple etc so you can choose either to create logo that describe their business or logo that has your business name, if you want to create a logo for your business or company for free without knowing graphic design then canva is a platform for you i really love this website it offers you tools for creating logo images, ads images or videos and lot lot more i recommend you try it out.

3. Color this is also used for branding your website, there was a time i was reading a post on facebook and somebody called facebook blue app at first i did not get what the guy was saying it was letter i got to understand that facebook\'s color is blue so the guy was referring to facebook from it brand color so color to is also important examples of companies that uses color are youtube, tiktok, facebook, instagram, quora, reddit and lot more os you see that all the mighty company are using color for branding so you need colors if you don\'t know what color to choose for branding your business or company you can also choose your favorite color. Note when choosing color for your brand look for colors with low brightness this is a best practice for choosing colors.

4. Fonts now this is mostly specific to websites this represent the way your fonts look like so platform like instagram uses small fonts in their website you can chose any fonts you want but make sure it is not very big because when your fonts are small it will make your website to look beautiful and more mature.

5. Sound are also used for branding there are most of the software companies uses sound for example iphone has a notification sound that is different from tecno phone company, whatsapp has a different sound for messages than that of facebooks so when you hear this sound you know that the phone or software belongs to a particular company so sound is also a branding element.
6. Images are very vital for your business, it is used for explanation for decoration and lots more so most popular brand have their specific image that they use for branding their website.

So this are the ways you can brand your business or company and make it to look more professional and by doing this few things you will really observe a change in your business or company, please if you find this content on business branding strategy helpful please do like, comment, share and follow me for more information like this thank you.

Posted: Oct. 19, 2023, 4:12 a.m.

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