Olubadan: Group advises Olubadan-in-Council and indigenous people to refrain from making superfluous statements

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Experienced Ibadan professionals known as the Ibadan King’s Men have urged Olubadan-in-Council and indigenous Ibadan people to refrain from what they see as needless criticism of the Olubadan stool.

In a statement provided to COSMATO on Friday, the group made this assertion.

According to information acquired by COSMATO, the Olubadan-in-Council is currently divided over the Olubadan stool.

The group urged the Council members and Ibadan natives not to speak publicly about the issue anymore during an emergency meeting at the University of Ibadan, which was led by Chief Gaphar Ojetola and Alhaji Olatunji Oladejo.

In a statement, the group clarified that the miscommunication inside the Council prompted the need for the emergency meeting.

The ancient city’s native inhabitants were also advised to make constructive contributions rather than instigate crises.

In its subsequent remarks, the group urged all relevant parties to avoid provoking the political climate with aggressive rhetoric.

One of the High Chiefs gave an interview about it, and it went viral. It was in poor taste and hinted at something wrong happening within the Olubadan-in-Council position.

During this difficult time, all important participants should be careful and restrained so that politicians don’t disrupt the illustrious and long-standing traditional chieftaincy succession system in Ibadanland.

“Ibadan indigenes should disengage from discussing all issues relating to this imbroglio on social media,” the organization demanded.

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