Rising death toll in Afghanistan due to flood

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At least fifty people have been killed in flooding in Afghanistan during the last four days, according to the National Disaster Management Authority. This information was released on Tuesday.

Janan Sayaq, a representative from the organization, further stated that 36 individuals sustained injuries as a result of the flooding.

Prior to this, the authority had documented 33 deaths across the country.

Damage to agricultural land and homes was substantial, according to Sayaq, due to the floods.

Natural catastrophes, such as floods and earthquakes, as well as decades of war have left Afghanistan in shambles.

United Nations estimates put the death toll from earthquakes in the western province of Herat at 1,500 in October 2023 and from an avalanche in a mountain town in Nuristan province at 21 in February 2024.

Particularly in outlying places, where infrastructure is typically lacking, the effects of these catastrophes tend to be more severe.

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