Zamfara State Government settles N2.3 billion gratuity backlog after verifying over 3,000 retirees

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In an attempt to settle the outstanding gratuities owed by past administrations, the Zamfara State Government has authenticated 3,079 retirees.

In two installments totaling N2,312,841,065.08, a grand total of 1,746 state and local government pensioners have been paid, according to a statement issued by Sulaiman Bala Idris, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media and Publicity.

The statement claims that the process of validating pensions from state and local governments has made progress.

On Friday, March 1, 2024, the second installment of the verified pensioners’ gratuity began to be paid out.

A grand total of 413 confirmed state pensioners have received a check for about 682,228,647.38 naira (six hundred and eighty-two million, two hundred and twenty thousand, six hundred and forty-seven kobo alone).

Also, the second round of pension payments to verified retirees from local governments have started rolling in. Payments of N449,667,142.08 (four hundred and forty-nine million, six hundred and sixty-seven thousand, one hundred and forty-two naira and eight kobo only) have been disbursed to 403 confirmed pensioners from the Local Governments.

There have been two instalments of gratuity payments made to 1,746 of the 3,079 certified pensioners by the state and local governments. So far, a total of N2,312,841,065.08 (not including any taxes) has been paid.

A statement was issued stating that payments are being provided to retirees who have been cleared, but the process of validating and authenticating them is still ongoing.

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