With the rise of youth gangsterism and instability, the Adamawa government has taken new measures

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The government of Adamawa State has recently taken new action against gangsterism among young males, who are known as Shila Boys in the local dialect.

The juvenile criminals routinely use blades to rob locals of their phones and other lightweight electronics.

Professor Kaletapwa Farauta, the state’s Deputy Governor, responded to the increasing number of Shila Boys attacks on Tuesday by saying that the new strategy includes a call to action for all kids involved in anti-social behavior to modify their ways and for parents to assist in this regard.

Speaking to reporters on behalf of Governor Ahmadu Fintiri, Farauta stated that the administration has chosen to engage with the press in order to encourage young people to focus their efforts on positive activities.

She emphasized the importance of parents ensuring their children are involved in positive activities and environments.

Farauta failed to address some severe steps she claimed the government is doing immediately to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks by the Shila Boys, citing concerns about national security as the reason for her silence.

She gave her word that the Fintiri administration, which had previously been able to rein in the Shila lads when it took office in 2019, will be ready to roll up its sleeves again if the lads make a comeback.

It is clear from the numerous headlines of police arrests in the past several days that the Shila Boys have become a big problem for the people living in Yola North, Yola South, and Girei, according to the COZMATO

The arrests have not deterred the lads, who continue to terrorize locals at all hours of the day and night, snatching goods from them while brandishing knives.

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