Ukraine will become a NATO member, according to US Secretary of State Blinken

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United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken has announced that Ukraine would join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Blinken revealed this to journalists on Thursday during a NATO meeting commemorating its 75th anniversary.

“Ukraine will join NATO. “Our goal at the summit is to help build a bridge to that membership,” explained Blinken.

The US Secretary of State underlined that member states’ support for Ukraine remains “rock solid”

European officials are concerned about US support for Ukraine, as a $60 billion aid package is being held up in Congress by Republicans.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba attended the event to lobby for new air defense systems, which he stated were agreed upon.

“Allies will undertake an exercise of allocating or finding this – identifying these additional air defence systems in order to bring them to Ukraine, to provide them to Ukraine and help defend our skies,” he said in a press conference.

On Wednesday, NATO ministers agreed to begin preparations for a larger role in coordinating military supplies to Ukraine.

Stoltenberg proposed that NATO take over work done by a US-led coalition known as the Ramstein group to guard against a drop in support if Donald Trump is re-elected president in November.

Diplomats said Stoltenberg also offered a €100 billion fund to support Ukraine’s military for five years.

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