Protests shake Umuahia following the death of a Navy cadet in a swimming pool, and the Abia government swears justice

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The bodies of Emmanuel Onyeomereneche, a Cadet Officer from Abia State, who was discovered dead in the pool of the Hotel Royal Damgrate last week, will be investigated by the Abia State administration.

Speaking to the grieving residents of Okwuta-Ibeku, Umuahia North LGA, who had gathered to demonstrate against their son’s death, Navy Commander Macdonald Uba (Rted), who is the Special Adviser to the Abia State Governor on Security Matters, promised a comprehensive investigation into the officer’s killing.

The Cadet officer’s killing was a serious matter, and Uba made it clear that those responsible would face the consequences.

His condolences go out to the family and the entire Okwuta-Ibeku community on the loss of a loved one; he vowed to bring the problem to the attention of the governor.

Protesters were praised by the Special Adviser for refraining from breaking the law. He told them they would find out what the investigation had found, but he hoped they would continue to obey the law.

Subsequently, this occurrence has generated additional repercussions. We will conduct a comprehensive investigation and ensure that justice is served in the end. Trust me, I understand. “I remember what it would have been like for my village if this had happened when I was a cadet,” Uba remarked.

They came to register their grievances to the Governor over the death of their son, who would have been commissioned by July this year. Mr. Chibuzor Onwukamuche, the public relations officer of the Okwuta-Isieke Autonomous Community, Prince James Onyeomereneche, the head of the family, and Mrs. Happiness Ebere, the woman leader, made these statements earlier.

They claim that Mr. Emmanuel Onyeomereneche, who was preparing to become a navy officer, and his companion Valentine Okpechi were complacent when Mr. Onyeomereneche drowned in a regular pool.

Protesters flooded the Damgrete hotel with palm fronds, then marched up Ikot Ekpene and BCA roads, and finally stormed the Abia State House of Assembly.

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