Ogenyi Agbese, Deputy Speaker of Benue, Claims Agbese Lie About Attempt at Assassination

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The assertion made by Philip Agbese, who represents the Ado, Okpokwu, and Ogbadibo Federal Constituency, that he was the target of a recent assassination attempt in Ado, has been deemed untrue and misleading by Hon Lami Danladi Ogenyi, the Deputy Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly.

Agbese and his backers had asserted that he was assaulted in Igumale, the administrative center of his own LGA of Ado, while participating in a constituency outreach event planned to commemorate Easter.

Several individuals thought to be involved in the incident have reportedly been apprehended by the military, who are presently providing valuable information.

Ogenyi, a lawmaker for the Ado State Constituency, countered that Agbese lied because no attempt was made to assassinate him.

In a statement sent by her spokesperson, Agbaji Samuel Atsonwu, the Deputy Speaker further criticized Agbese’s assertion that her official vehicle had been discovered with one of the perpetrators.

The speaker of the House of Representatives for the Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo Federal Constituency, Hon. Agbese Philip, made a baseless and vicious accusation at an event in Igumale, the Ado Local Government headquarters, where he claimed an attempt on his life had taken place.

We should set key facts straight for the benefit of the unwary public, even though normally we would have laughed off the fake news story meant to sow discord.

Our best guess is that something like this happened: when addressing the Igumale throng, Agbese began to criticize His Excellency, and the more courageous young people among them warned him to stop and respect the people’s governor. They committed just that one offense.

Using his wealth, position, and contacts inside the army, Agbese harasses the young men shown being paraded in the images. We suspect that he may have ties to the guys of operation Whirl Stroke.

“An extremely basic question that needs answering is this: how do young people who aren’t armed relate to an attempt on the life of a heavily protected HoR member?” Isn’t that ridiculous?

It’s tragic that Agbese sided with violence against whomever he perceived as being against him. Leadership isn’t what it seems, and his misuse of authority and position is unacceptable by any measure. The adolescents are being bullied for exercising their freedom to associate, instead of receiving assistance.

Like Agbese, Chief Lami, the Deputy Speaker, celebrated Easter with her constituents and returned home safely; there was no miscommunication whatsoever. So, what makes Agbese’s case unique?

According to Agbese’s baseless accusation, the Deputy Speaker’s official vehicle was discovered in the possession of one of the perpetrators. I don’t see any evidence linking the stolen car to any of the perpetrators. Alternately, might it be that Agbese thinks the people are stupid?

In conclusion, it is highly recommended that the member of the House of Representatives, Gon. Philip Agbese, stop engaging in such petty, extortionate, and attention-seeking posts against the Honorable Deputy Speaker, Chief Lami Danladi Ogenyi.

To set the record straight, Hon. Onazi Agbese Charles, the Ado LG Caretaker Boss, is accompanied by his Media Assistant. Surprisingly, one could accuse Hon. Onazi of plotting an alleged murder attempt even though he and the other chairmen were at a leadership summit in Makurdi. That is very funny!

“The general population ought to inform Agbese that uttering baseless accusations can lead to legal repercussions.”

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