Israel is once again warned by Iran’s president not to launch retaliatory attacks

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Ebrahim Raisi, president of Iran, has warned Israel repeatedly not to launch a retaliatory attack in response to Iran’s recent airstrike.

The threat was delivered by Raisi while speaking with Emir Tamim bin Khalifa of Qatar.

“Extensive and painful consequences” will follow “the slightest action” by Israel that goes against Iran’s national interests, according to Raisi.

According to COZMATO, Israel has sent numerous warnings to Iran about retaliation in the event of a large-scale strike, such as the hundreds of missiles and drones fired towards Israel on Saturday night.

But if Israel takes any more action, Iran’s response will be “at least 10 times more drastic” than the initial strike, according to the Iranian Security Council.

According to the Council, Iran has so far decided on the mildest penalty for Israel.

Israel’s military brass has made it clear that their country will not stand idly by as Iran launches its massive assault on Saturday.

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