In the US election, Trump said, “The people will decide on abortion, not the states.”

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Donald Trump, the former president of the US, has spoken up about his views on the matter of abortion prohibition.

This follows months of silence on the issue that will determine his rematch with President Biden in 2024.

The likely Republican presidential candidate announced on Sunday night that he will be making a statement against “abortion and abortion rights” through his social media accounts.

Trump reiterated his support for IVF in a video he tweeted on Monday morning and stressed that states should have the option to decide their own abortion regulations with the exception of cases involving rape, incest, and the mother’s life.

The decision of the states, whether by voting or legislation, or both, will ultimately decide what is considered the national law, or state law in this instance, according to Trump. A lot of states are going to be unique. The exact number of weeks will vary from state to state.The people’s will ultimately matters the most.

Last week, during a campaign rally in Michigan, Trump was asked about the impending implementation of Florida’s contentious six-week abortion ban. In response, he promised to make a remark in the following week.

Trump insisted that he was pleased with his part in the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, claiming that scholars from “both sides” of the issue had supported the decision.

The Republican Party ought to consistently stand in solidarity with the awe-inspiring wonder of life and with parents and their lovely children. A big part of that is in vitro fertilization, Trump remarked.

“On Sunday night, the former president emphasized the importance of showing great love and compassion when considering the subject of life. However, it is equally crucial to exercise common sense and recognize our duty to save our nation, which is presently experiencing a severe decline. We must win the elections, failing which will lead to nothing but failure, death, and destruction.”

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