In his ex-wife’s words, “She didn’t want to be married anymore,” Kaka explains the grounds for their divorce

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After his ex-wife made an absurd accusation during their 2015 divorce, Brazilian football legend Kaka finally spoke out.

While playing for AC Milan in 2005, Kaka wed Caroline Celico, his childhood sweetheart. The couple had a son and a daughter together. However, a decade later, they separated up.

Reportedly, Celico stated last week that “he was too perfect for me” as the reason she left her husband.

The 41-year-old Kaka, though, claims in a podcast interview that he tried his best to prevent the breakup, as reported by the Spanish news outlet Sport.

“I was married in 2015, and my wife at the time decided she didn’t want to be married anymore,” he stated.

“I will say that my unhappiness is due to my marriage,” she stated.

She requested that I return to Brazil while I was a resident of the United States.

What she really meant was that she no longer wanted to be married and wanted to return to Brazil.

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