In Ebonyi-Odii, the PDP’s guber candidate is facing rising rates of poverty, hunger, and unemployment

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The rising rates of poverty, starvation, and unemployment in Ebonyi State have been brought to the attention of Dr. Ifeanyichukwuma Odii, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate in the general elections scheduled for March 18, 2023, in the state.

In order to advance Ebonyi State, Odii emphasized the importance of unity among PDP party members.

During a one-way Thank you/Stakeholders meeting in lsu Community, on Thursday, the PDP standard-bearer told party members this. The community is located in the Onicha Local government Area of Ebonyi State.

In his view, the party’s leadership’s determination to remain together would aid it in its battle against graft, sycophancy, avarice, injustice, and the state generally.

Making headway in life is something I constantly do with purpose. Additionally, I want to emphasize how crucial it is for us to stay determined, unified, and focused on our common goals and dreams of a flourishing Ebonyi State. We must move forward with this determination.

He voiced his deepest concerns about a number of issues, including the state’s alarmingly high poverty, unemployment, and hunger rates; the absence of viable industries; the deteriorating quality of education; the difficulty of obtaining healthcare; the state’s low ranking in the ease of doing business; and the state’s troubling human development indices.

Therefore, I implore you all to stay committed, unwavering, and active in our shared determination to build something remarkable for our people. Continue to be moved by your unwavering affection for our people; remember that your thoughts, words, and deeds have an impact; and most importantly, that we can achieve great things when we stand united.

Our deepest condolences also go out to everyone who followed Judas’s lead and misused the faith we had placed in them. Even though we had some short-term difficulties as a result of your activities, we have come out on the other side even stronger, more united, and more committed to our cause.

We overcame adversity by becoming stronger and more committed to improving our people’s lives, as you are well aware.

What you have done has shown us the value of loyalty, honesty, and perseverance when times go tough. It has strengthened our determination to stand up to injustice, graft, sycophancy, and greed.

I want to express my deepest apologies as we move forward by saying that I forgive you all. Your acts have not discouraged us; on the contrary, your hypocrisy has only served to strengthen our will to achieve our objectives.

“To conclude, our esteemed and committed party members, I would like to express my gratitude once more for your support and commitment,” he continued.

I’m thrilled about the future we may create together and grateful for the chance to have led this transformative trip. To the most beloved and patriotic citizens of Ebonyi, I issue this challenge: let us not give up hope of reestablishing our beloved homeland.

“Absolutely crucial. Our structures are fortified, and we will continue to strengthen them until they are completely ready for anything. Moving ahead, you will receive more updates from the relevant structures regarding the next steps.

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