“He’s wicked, I attempted to strike him,” Marcelo says of his run-in with Messi

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Lionel Messi was “evil” while playing for Barcelona, according to Marcelo, a former Real Madrid vice captain.

When Messi became angry during a match, the Brazilian claimed he became even more difficult to manage and that Messi frequently attempted to punch him.

According to what Marcelo told Cortes Podpah:

Messi was very silent throughout the games, and I made an effort not to engage with him either.

We always thought we should just leave him alone since trying to stop him would only make him angrier, and once he was upset, he was a nightmare to deal with.

The man, Messi, is wicked. I took several swings at him. In my opinion, he is the first to conceive about things.

Marcelo played 33 matches against Messi across all club and national competitions.

The left back only managed to win 10 games while losing 16 to the captain of Argentina.

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