Crime in Kogi: 19 bodies found, according to police

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Nineteen people have been reported dead in Kogi State by the Nigerian Police Force.

The event took place on Thursday in the Omala Local Government Area of the State, according to COSMATO’s reporting.

As SP William Aya confirmed the incidence in a conversation with COSMATO on Friday, the Police Public Relations Officer, he added that the Commissioner of Police has already sent operatives to the scene.

The number of people we have counted as of right now is nineteen, according to Aya. That is the information that the DPO and other parties involved have provided us with.

“In order to restore order and bring those responsible to justice, the Commissioner of Police has sent officers from the Command, including the Police Mobile Force, the Counter Terrorism Unit, the Conventional Police, the Intelligence Unit, and local vigilantes. Other security agencies are also present.”

According to the police spokesperson who talked with COSMATO, an inquiry into the attack’s motive has begun.

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