“Buildings that fail integrity test will be demolished by Lagos,” said Sanwo-Olu

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On Thursday, the government of Lagos State reiterated its intention to tear down structures that do not meet its integrity standards.

According to COZMATO, on Tuesday, fire destroyed fourteen buildings in Dosunmu Market, destroying commodities valued in the millions of Naira.

“A lot of residential apartments have been turned into warehouses,” governor Jide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State remarked during his visit to the scene of the tragedy. More buildings will fall; I say it with absolute certainty.

My evaluation of a tragic, avoidable catastrophe is now complete.

For a few hours, the fire department couldn’t get access to the scene of the crime. This blaze has persisted for over 48 hours and shows no signs of going out.

“As of the most recent tally, fourteen residences have been impacted, and additional residences may be impacted following the thorough testing.”

According to Sanwo-Olu, the incident may have been avoided due to extreme negligence.

Reports indicate that a guy was recklessly refueling a generator on the penthouse of one building when the fire began, which spread to neighboring buildings, according to Ibrahim Farinloye, the Lagos Territorial Coordinator of the National Emergency Management Authority. The situation was made further worse by the fact that the facility included multiple generators.

The Dosunmu Market will remain closed forever, according to Sanwo-Olu, who also said that the government would help the fire victims recover.

He emphasized once again that the government will demolish any building that does not adhere to building codes.

He made it clear that no one could be tolerated if they endanger the lives, property, or environment of others.

“Rather than wasting limited resources on preventable accidents, we should be focusing on more progressive endeavors.”

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