Beneficiaries should not divert COVID-19 funds, says Jigawa Govt

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The government of Jigawa state has issued a warning to the people who will be receiving the COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (NG-CARES) not to hinder the program’s goal.

While addressing some of the beneficiaries in Jahun Local Government Area, Dr. Saifullahi Umar, who is also the Chairman of NG-CARES and Technical Adviser on Agriculture, delivered the warning.

Umar stated that the project’s objective was to increase the availability of services that promote food security and livelihood support.

He went on to say that Governor Umar Namadi appointed the group to find a way to pick beneficiaries in a way that was fair, open, and easy to understand.

He claims that they used a scientific and rigorous process to choose beneficiaries and communities because they wanted to be fair and accurate.

In accordance with the NG CARES Project’s authorized standards, the committee employed a variety of methods to choose which areas and individuals would get funding.

The Jigawa Poverty and Vulnerability Community Ranking, the Generic Operations Manual (GOM), and the basic random selection methodology were the methodologies utilized. The final tally is 216, with 15 communities being chosen.

In addition, he mentioned that 4,220 individuals were chosen from economically disadvantaged and geographically isolated places where the government does not actively provide agricultural inputs or intervene with assets.

Umar emphasized the importance of the recipients making good use of the funds, encouraging both individual and community development.

Those that benefited from the initiative expressed gratitude to the Jigawa State Government and pledged to be prudent with the funds.

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