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Two top powerful secrets that made Jack ma's company successful

John Moses
Jack ma is the founder of Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao and other big companies in China, and he is also among the top richest men China, so today I will be sharing the secret he used in making his company as big as it is today.
Top two secret of jack ma
I have studied and done a lot of research on jack ma's company and I have found out that this are the Two top powerful secrets that made Jack ma's company successful.

1. Hard work

Alibaba was the first company that jack ma had before people could get to know Alibaba the company worked very hard that they could hardly get any rest even when people don't know about their company they never gave up they continued to to work hard, in one of jack ma's interview he explained how he and his company worked very hard, that the work they did for 8 years  was the work other companies did for 70 years, you can watch the video for your and hear what he said with this link.

2. Team

Jack ma said he could not have done it without his team and he accord the company success to team work he said he doesn't know anything about computer but his team know about computer programming so they created Alibaba he only knows how to lead but he doesn't know technical things, because he had the right team there was division of labour and everybody did what he/she knows what to do best.


If you are starting a business you really need to work hard and have the right team with you, if you have good team and you work hard your business will grow like magic.
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Posted: Oct. 23, 2023, 2:05 p.m.

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