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Should i use whogohost to host my website: all you need to know about whogohost company

jonathan francis
There are some honest truth i wish i had known about whogohost company before using their services, and i will be sharing them with you so you can decide if you are going to use their service or not.

What is whogohost company

Whogohost is a nigerian web hosting company that is located in lagos nigeria you can purchase domain names and hosting plans from them, they are among the top three web hosting company in nigeria.

What i hate about whogohost

before telling you what i hate about whogohost i want you to know that i don't hate whogohost company they are a good company, so that aside, so what i hate about whogohost company is that that they have bad support system when you have a problem and try to contact the it takes a long amount of time for them to respond to you  i really do hate that because there was a time when i really needed help urgently but they were not responding i contacted all their support system but none was able to reply me after very long hour someone then told me to submit my domain name and details and when i saw that message the person was no longer connected i really hated that moment unlike namecheap they reply to you instantly they are really fast in replying to people and there always solve my problems, there was a time i was having problem with my email hosting connections i had to contact namecheap customer service and they told me what to do on whogohost cpanel to solve the problem.

Is whogohost a good company

like i said earlier whogohost is really a good company aside the fact that i hate their customer service all other services i have used is good.


Should i use whogohost to host my website? this question is left to you, you can still use whogohost to host you website and domain there is no problem about using their services and i believe that they are working on their customer service so in the future that will not be a problem.
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Posted: Oct. 26, 2023, 10:12 a.m.

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