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Powerful way to Increase your self esteem

james mandy
Increasing self esteem is one of the key to having a new, better and successful life so you can archive your goals and live your dream life, so I will be showing you how to increase your self esteem so you can start living a transform life.

So what is self-esteem we need to know what self-esteem is before we can increase our self-esteem.

Self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves. It's based on our opinions and beliefs about ourselves, which can feel difficult to change. We might also think of this as self-confidence. Your self-esteem can affect the Like and value you have for yourself. 

Two levels of self esteem

After knowing the definition of self esteem now we need to know that they are two levels of self-esteem and every human being is in one of this two levels.

1. Low self-esteem
Low self-esteem means that you take yourself as less privilege as a nobody you don't like and value yourself that is what we mean by low self-esteem and this is a very bad level to be in it will make you to act dull and be dull and it is because of low self-esteem that many people become failure in life, it will not make you to archive your goals and happiness in life which is very bad, that why I wrote this content how to increase your self esteem so you can increase your self esteem and start leaving your dream life.

2. High self-esteem 
High self-esteem means the opposite of low self-esteem, it when you take yourself as a valuable person and you love yourself that is high self-esteem it has been discovered that people who are successful in life they all have high self esteem about themselves people like Bill gate, Steve job, Elon musk and more.

How to increase your self esteem

Since we now know what self-esteem is and the two levels of self esteem now let me show you how to increase your self-esteem so you can start living a better life and start archiving your dreams and goals in life.

1. Say good things about yourself
To increase your self esteem one of the things you need to start talking to yourself start saying good things about yourself when you wake up in the morning you can say wow thank God for making a wonderful and awesome person like me to be on earth, the world are looking for people like me, I really love myself, when you begin to say words like this you will begin to see change because what you are doing is that you are reprogramming your mind to start thinking good things about yourself. The reason why people are having low self-esteem is because of the bad experience that most people have had from the pass for example some people grew up in a family where they criticize them insult them and say a lot of bad things about them so because of that they leave their life with low self-esteem so the first place they need to work on for them to increase self esteem in their life is the mind, because when they were passing through life with all those insult and bullying and criticism it is their mind that is being affected, so when you start saying good things about yourself you are deleting those bad words that has kept you down in low self-esteem and you are starting to reprogram your mind to think good of you, and you will begin to experience a new life and a new you will begin to emerge and you will start living your dream life and fulfilling your purpose in life.

2. Environment and association:
Environment and association really matter if you want to increase self esteem and constantly have high self esteem in your life after you have changed your mind you need to start avoiding people that will bring back your low self-esteem so that you will not be chained with the chain of low self-esteem and return back to having a low self-esteem, now what you need to do is to find people with high self-esteem and associate yourself with them and read books and watch or attend serminars of people with high self esteem and you will see how your self esteem will be increased like magic, the law of association states that "you become the average of the five people you spend most of your time with" so when you start to associate yourself with people that are confident and great, you will become confident and great this also works in animals if you put your animal like dog with other dogs that are more aggressive than your dog you will find out that your dog will start to become aggressive so try and associate yourself with great people and their books.

This are the two powerful tips that will increase self esteem like magic no matter who you are or what you think you are if you do this two things that I just told you, you will really be happy that you did and your low self-esteem will disappear from you permanently, so this is how to increase self esteem, if you have any questions you can ask me in the comment section or you can chat me up directly and I will be glad to answer you with speed, thank you for reading this content and allowing me to add value to your life.

Posted: Oct. 22, 2023, 2:06 p.m.

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