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how to make 6 figure income blogging: the best and sure way you can make 6 figure income online with blogging

joseph abu
Is it possible to make passive income from your blog? Absolutely yes. If I can make passive income blogging, then you can, too.
There is a person who has a lot of dreams and wishes he could get the opportunity to fulfill some of them.
He just needs a chance to sell his work, not his dignity.
He wants to drive his luxurious car and travel to enjoy nature and God’s creatures.
Above all, he needs to spend money without fear of his future financial status.
This person is both you and me.
Now allow me to wake you up for a while; it’s planning time.
If I had known you weren’t the right person, I would have left you in your warm bed.
Later on, you’ll get warm and enjoy the happiness of sleeping while others go to their jobs, working for hours as employees.
how mean I am!
Anyway, back to reality.
A dream is always a dream until you wake up and turn it into reality.
How do you do this?
I don’t promise this will be a painless process.
No pain, no gain.
I like what a stand-up comedian said: “Poor is a mentality; we are not poor, we are bankrupt.”
Stop asking yourself, “Can I?”
Always say I’ll do it, and then do it.
In this post, we are going to talk about making six figure income and how someone like you can build a continuous income while he is sleeping and dreaming.

What is passive income?

Passive income refers to money that comes to you without you being active.
For instance, money that comes from rent is passive income.
In the digital world, this money comes from other sources like ads, commissions, and others.
It can be beneficial as it can help you generate a steady stream of income with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on other activities.
For instance, if you monetize your blog with advertisements, anyone who sees these ads on your blog (impressions) or clicks on one of them (clicks) will passively add some money to your pocket without interference from you.
You can make passive income even when you are sleeping, visiting friends, or traveling.
You need to be active first in order to earn passive income.
Blogging is a great way to make passive income, as it is relatively inexpensive to start, and requires little knowledge to make money.
As you create blog posts, they will remain online and continue to generate income even when you’re not actively working on them.
Additionally, your income can grow exponentially as your blog gains popularity.
Always remember that your blogs will live forever (theoretically), and the more you work on them, the more passive income will come.

Types of passive income that blogs can make

So, let’s finish this point.
Passive income is income that comes in after you do your job and continues to come in even after you stop doing it.
There are numerous forms of passive income. Some are clearly passive; others are considered “mini-passive.”
We are not going to dive deeply into all types but rather focus on the most obvious and lucrative ones.


This is absolutely the first income stream bloggers think of.
The process is so simple.
You ask an advertisement management company to display ads on your website.
In return, you’ll get passive income based on the number of impressions and clicks on these ads.
The formula is clear then: more clicks and impressions mean more income.
Ad companies charge businesses to promote their products and display them on other websites (like yours) and give you a portion of that money.
There are many companies that you can choose from; Google AdSense is the most popular.
Keep in mind that the more traffic you drive to your blog, the more passive income you earn.

Affiliate links

I bet you have always read about how easy and lucrative affiliate marketing is.
Well, it is lucrative.
Easy? It depends.
Affiliate marketing is all about getting a link for a product, and promoting it on your blog.
Once a visitor clicks that link and buys the product, you’ll get a commission at no extra charge to the visitor.
The best type of affiliate program is a recurring one. This means that you’ll get paid every time a buyer renews his subscription or does anything that extends his participation in a program he bought through your link.
Affiliate marketing is not related to how many visitors you get to your site, but to how many purchases people make through your links.

Digital products

Digital products are those that are intangible, such as e-books, online courses, PDFs, tools, apps, and others.
Selling digital products is a great way to earn passive income; you just need to display them on your blog and wait for the customers to come.
Always talk about your products in your posts, videos, forums, and wherever else you can in order to drive more people to buy them.

Creating a tools website

You can earn a lot of passive income by creating a tools website.
You can offer a “software-as-a-service” (SAAS) product and charge people for using tools.
You can also offer your services for free and monetize your website with ads.
Notice that this kind of website drives huge traffic if it offers free services, leading to more revenue through ads.
The good news is that you don’t have to be a developer to create this kind of website. All you need to do is purchase a PHP script from a reputable platform and integrate it into your website.
Code Canyon is a great place to buy this kind of script.

Sponsored posts

You may make passive income by working with brands or companies to promote their products or services on your blog.
This type of advertising typically pays in the form of a flat fee or a commission-based plan.
To begin, look for possible sponsors, produce appealing material, and then reach out to them with a proposal. When writing your proposal, make sure you’re clear about what you’re offering and your fees.
Once you’ve established a relationship, you can begin marketing the sponsor’s products and services on your blog or social media platforms to earn passive income.
Sponsored posts are not considered direct passive income streams because companies may at any time remove their banners, links, or whatever. It is passive as long as they exist on your blog.

How to make passive income blogging? Steps

1- Start a blog

To finish first, first, you have to finish.
To make passive income, first, you need to have a blog.
Do not tell me you are going to use landing pages and free platforms; We are talking about building a real business.
Creating a blog is not a painful or expensive process; you can have a blog for three dollars per month. That’s worth a cup of coffee and requires the same amount of time as sipping it.
If you still don’t have a website, create one now.
If you already have a website let’s move on to the next step.

Create Content

As they say, “content is king
I will add
The content is king, queen, duchess, duke, and so on.
To attract more visitors, you must provide something unique and special.
It’s not about writing good stuff (although millions of bloggers do that); it’s about answering people’s queries and solving their problems.
These people will then become your loyal readers and turn into loyal customers.
To come up with great content, you need to know your audience, and what they need, and write high-quality posts to keep them engaged with your blog

2- Optimize your blog for search engines

The best visitors are the organic ones.
These visitors come organically to your blog while they search for something in the search engines.
But to let these readers find your blog, you need to do some work in order to rank it on page one.
What’s the secret word? Search Engine Optimization
You need to learn how to optimize your blog by doing the following:
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Technical Optimization

3- Build an email list

Now that you’ve created your website, learned SEO, and started writing unique content, it’s time to build your email list to send your posts and products to your newsletter subscribers.
If you are not aware, email marketing is the best marketing method that has the greatest return on investment (ROI).
Every blogger needs an email list to grow his business, and if you want to make passive income, you need more visitors and more relationships.
This can be accomplished by building and expanding your newsletter and sending your products (affiliates, digital products, posts, etc.) to hundreds of people with a single click.
Isn’t that amazing?

4- Monetize your blog with ads to make passive income

Start with the first passive income stream: advertisements.
Now that you have an optimized blog, some blog posts, and an email newsletter, why not make your first dollar?
It is preferable not to waste time and instead apply for Google Adsense or another company to begin your journey of passively earning money online.
It is good to remind you that ad management companies have set a threshold related to the number of visitors to your blog per month.

5- Sell your products

One of the most lucrative passive incomes is selling your own digital products.
It is a zero-cost product that will add some cash to your bank account.
If you use free tools, creating an e-book to sell costs you nothing.
You can start by choosing free PLR articles or e-books and rewriting them using free paraphrasing tools such as Quillbot or Grammarly (I mean the free plans of these tools).
Another method is to use chatbots like Chatsonic and ChatGPT to assist you in creating ideas, as well as using AI writers to completely write your e-book.
Add images using Canva and provide your personal touch.
You can also create online courses (highly recommended), PDFs, checklists, printables, and more.

6- Write affiliate-based posts

It is useless to choose your affiliate products without research.
There are millions of affiliate products, but not all of them have the same value or the same chance to convert into sales.
You need to know what your targeted audience needs and what their pain points are. This helps you choose the best affiliate products to display in front of them.
You can simply insert your affiliate link into a product review that you write.
It could also be a comparison between two products or a case study that convinces readers to buy your products.
In order to avoid intense competition, it is important to conduct research to identify long-tail keywords with a good search volume.

7- Drive more traffic to make more passive income

None of the above steps will work unless you drive traffic to your blog.
simple as it is.
No traffic means no views, no clicks, and no sales.
On the other hand, the more traffic you get, the more sales you achieve.
Although driving traffic to your site is not an easy job and requires a lot of hard work.
Finally earning a passive income is possible when you know how things work.
The process is easy to apply, but one needs to work hard.
Create a blog and optimize it for search engines. Then add high-quality content and build your email list.
After that, you can apply to an ad network, create and sell your digital products, and promote affiliate links through your posts.
Drive more traffic to your blog and always check its health to keep it running smoothly.
Once you finish doing your homework, you’ll be that guy that I mentioned in the introduction. You will always remember him and say:
He had big dreams of making money online. He was determined to make it happen, no matter how difficult the journey was.
Despite any setbacks, he kept going and never gave up.
With every step forward, his determination seemed to grow, and his dream became closer to reality.
He kept pushing, and eventually, he achieved his goal.
He proved to himself that anything is possible if you are willing to put in the effort.
Do you want to be that guy? Let me know in the comments section.
Until next time.
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Posted: Nov. 13, 2023, 2:30 a.m.

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