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Free websites you can use to promote your business online

John Moses
In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, effectively promoting your website and business is key to achieving success. While paid advertising offers benefits, leveraging free platforms can significantly expand your online reach without straining your budget. In this comprehensive guide, we present 92 free platforms that you can use to promote your website and business online in 2023. These diverse platforms cater to various industries and interests, offering unique opportunities to connect with your target audience and drive organic traffic.

Social Media Platforms

The first set of platforms that you should consider for promoting your website and business for free are social Media platforms. They are most efficient if you have a strong following. But you can also reach out to famous and influential users to advertise your business.

1. Facebook 

With billions of active users, Facebook is a powerful platform to engage with your audience through posts, stories, and groups or pages.

2. Instagram 

Ideal for visual content, Instagram can showcase your products and services and connect with a younger audience. I personally use Instagram and it's really helping me get lot of traffic to my website.

3. Twitter

Utilize twitter to share real-time updates, engage with followers, and drive traffic to your website. It takes lot of time to get followers on Twitter, but once you have lots of followers your traffic will be massively great.

4. LinkedIn

Leverage LinkedIn's professional network to build connections, share valuable content, and gain industry authority.

5. Pinterest

A visual discovery platform, Pinterest is perfect for sharing visually appealing content and driving traffic to your website. This is one of the platform that I really love because you can start driving traffic to your website the very first day you register on Pinterest it's a powerful platform you can utilise for getting more people to your website and business for free. I have a content on how to skyrocket your organic traffic on Pinterest you can check it out if you want to get more traffic from Pinterest as a beginner.

6. TikTok

Capture a younger audience through short and engaging video content on TikTok. In order for you to get more traffic on tiktok you need to be consistent in uploading new content if not you will not get traffic from Pinterest, you should upload at least four content a day everyday after some time you will start to see results.

7. Snapchat

Reach a younger demographic with Snapchat's ephemeral content and stories, It allows people to exchange messages, images, and video. The story function represents an effective way to gain followers and promote your site.

8. Mix

The Mix app absorbed StumbleUpon and its user base, which was built around sharing content, especially commercial content. It gives you an easy way to post material and also save articles, music, and anything else found online. But not all countries can use the app, it is restricted in some countries.

9. Myspace

Yes, it still exists! Facebook took the basic concept behind Myspace, made it more accessible, and then took most of its user base. Since then, Myspace reinvented itself as a much smaller, but still effective, niche site.

10. Threads

 app is a social media app created by the meta company it has some features of Instagram and mostly twitter you can also use threads app to drive traffic to your website and business.

11. Telegram

You can leverage telegram channels to get more traffic or you can create your personal channel grow the channel and start using it to get lot of traffic to your website and business.

12. Mewe

Mewe is a social media platform it is similar to Facebook and has it has a large amount of traffic you can leverage the traffic to drive more people to your website and business.

13. Tumblr

Share multimedia content and connect with a creative and engaged community on Tumblr.

Content Sharing Platforms

14. Medium

Publish long-form articles and gain exposure to Medium's extensive reader base.

15. Quora

Answer questions related to your niche and include links to your website for additional information do not add affiliate links directly on Quora or you will be ban instantly.

16. Reddit

Reddit is made of subreddits, you need to Participate in relevant subreddits to share your content and engage with users interested in your industry.

17. HubPages

Create informative articles on HubPages and promote your website through in-article links.

18. SlideShare

Present your expertise through SlideShare and gain visibility in the professional community.

19. Issuu

Publish digital publications and catalogs to reach a broader audience with issuu.

20. Cozmato

cozmato is an online platform that helps people to promote their products, affiliate products and services for free, I personally use cozmato and it is nice and free you can start getting traffic instantly but you need to be consistent and with time you will see more results from cozmato.

21. Wikipedia

Everyone is familiar with Wikipedia. Despite what they may teach in schools, it’s one of the most reliable and trusted sources of information on the internet. As such, creating a Wikipedia page for your business can help legitimize your business, create a space where people can read news about your website, and ultimately drive traffic back to your website.

22. WikiHow

You’ve more than likely used WikiHow to learn how to accomplish something at least once. It’s one of the internet’s biggest resources for tutorials and how-to guides. For businesses that create a product that solves a specific problem or set of problems, WikiHow can be a great place to promote your website. Simply create WikiHow pages that address the problem your target audience has, and then show how to solve that problem using your service.

Visual and Video Content Platforms

23. YouTube

Create engaging video content on YouTube and build a subscriber base on the world's largest video-sharing platform.

24. Vimeo

Showcase high-quality videos and engage with a creative community on Vime.

25. Dailymotion

Share your videos with a global audience on Dailymotio.

26. Imgur

Host and share images that appeal to a diverse community on Imgur.

27. Giphy

Giphy is an online platform were you can create animated GIFs to share across social media and drive traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking Platforms

28. Diigo

Save, annotate, and share web pages with Diigo to attract users interested in your niche.

29. Pocket

Pocket allow users to save your website content for later viewing and increase engagement.

30. Flipboard

Create content on Flipboard and promote your website as a reliable source of information.


Curate and share content on specific topics to establish yourself as an industry expert on

32. Digg

Submit your website content to Digg and gain visibility within a community of content enthusiasts.

33. Delicious

Share bookmarks and explore popular content to connect with relevant audiences on delicious.

34. Folkd

Folks is an online platform were you can save and share bookmarks to attract users interested in your industry.

35. Pearltrees

On pearltrees you can organize and share web content visually, attracting users with similar interests.

36. Mixi

Connect with a Japanese audience by joining and participating in Mixi's online community.

37. Akonter

Akonteris another content curation site, like Pinterest, that specifically focuses on links to interesting internet content. Users can create bookmarks to websites and articles that they like and share these bookmarks with their friends. It’s also easy to search for content on Akonter, making it an excellent way to make your business’s content more searchable.

38. Juxtapost

Like Pinterest, Juxtapost is a website that gives its users the ability to save content from all around the web and structure it in digital boards. Users can share this content with one another, helping them find useful resources and links. By participating in the site, you can create content that Juxtapost users are drawn to, bringing new attention to your business.

Community and Discussion Platforms

Community and discussion platforms is a very good means you can use to drive traffic to your website and business.

39. Stack Exchange

Answer questions in specific niches and gain recognition as an industry expert of stack exchange.

40. Product Hunt

Share your products or services on Product Hunt and receive feedback from a community of early adopters.

41. Hacker News

Submit technology-related news and engage in discussions with the Hacker News community.

42. GrowthHackers

Growth hackers is a platform were you will be able to join a community of growth-minded professionals and share your insights.


Engage in discussions and connect with entrepreneurs and professionals focused on business growth using

44. Warrior Forum

Participate in discussions on internet marketing and connect with fellow marketers using the worrior forum platform.

45. Indie Hackers

Share your entrepreneurial journey and connect with like-minded individuals on indie hackers.

46. Digital Point Forum

Use digital point forum to engage in discussions related to online marketing, SEO, and web development.

47. Black Hat World

Connect with marketers and SEO experts on Black Hat World and gain insights into digital marketing strategies.

Niche-Specific Platforms

Niche specific platforms are specific to some niche you can not promote any type of business unless your website and business are in that niche that's when you can utilise this platforms.

48. Goodreads

If you're an author or involved in the publishing industry, engage with readers and promote your books onGoodreads.

49. Instructables

Use Instructables to share step-by-step instructions for DIY projects and attract users interested in your niche.

50. Behance

Display your creative projects on behance and connect with professionals in the design industry.

51. SoundCloud

Share audio content, such as podcasts or music and connect with a community of listeners on SoundCloud.

52. Bandcamp

If you're a musician, showcase your work, sell music, and engage with fans on Bandcamp.

53. Tripadvisor

If you're in the travel industry, encourage customer reviews and engage with travelers on Tripadvisor.

54. Zomato

If you're in the restaurant or food industry, list your business and engage with food enthusiasts on Zomato.

55. Untappd

If you're in the craft beer industry, engage with beer enthusiasts, and promote your offerings on Untappd.

56. Etsy

If you sell handmade or unique products, set up an Etsy shop and connect with buyers interested in your niche.

Local and Business Directories

Local and business directories cater to a broad mix of consumers, recording details of high-profile platforms to local listings. To help you increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and rank your company name and website better, below are some of the free websites you can visit

57. Google My Business

Create a business listing on Google My Business to improve local search visibility and engage with customers.

58. Bing Places

Similar to Google My Business, create a listing on Bing Places to enhance your online presence. But one thing about being is that you are only allowed to promote your products not your website.

59. Yelp

List your business on Yelp and encourage customer reviews to attract local customers.

60. Yellow Pages

Create a listing on Yellow Pages to reach local customers searching for your products or services.

61. Foursquare

Foursquareat one time was the next big thing in social media. Although it has cooled off in the past few years, it still has millions of active users. It is a local search and discovery app that allows users to find different kinds of business establishments.

62. Angie's List

If you're in the home services industry, create a listing on Angie's List to connect with local customers.

63. HomeAdvisor

If you're in the home improvement industry, list your business on HomeAdvisor to connect with homeowners in need of your services.

64. Houzz

If you're in the home design industry, create a profile on Houzz and connect with homeowners and design enthusiasts.

65. Craigslist

One of the original directories, Craigslist still represents the most accessible platform for promoting your website.

66. GetApp

This app provides a platform for reviews of small business apps. Like all review-based services, GetApp could serve as a business boost or a forum for bad news about you and your organization.

67. SaaSGenius

For SaaS companies, there’s SaaSGenius, a directory that specializes in supporting subscription-based software. SaaSGenius is a great place to list your business because it has such a niche appeal - people using the site know exactly what they’re looking for. SaaSGenius also has powerful search filters, which come in handy the more you fill out your business’s profile on the website.

68. Apple Maps

For those who don’t know, Apple Maps is Apple’s addition to the GPS marketplace and a direct competitor with Google Maps. Apple Maps is preinstalled on every mobile Apple device and computer and receives over five billion user requests every week. In other words, if your business isn’t on Apple Maps, you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic. You can add your business to Apple Maps here.

69. Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has been a standard location for well-reputed businesses to promote themselves. The BBB was a resource before the common use of computers. Being listed on the BBB used to be standard fare for those seeking to establish a positive reputation.

70. Merchant Circle

This platform bills itself as a powerful tool for small businesses that seek local promotion. Merchant Circle boasts 100 million potential customers and more than two million small business partners. Tools include digital footprint expansion, SEO assistance, and more.

Blogging and Guest Posting Platforms

71. WordPress

Set up a free blog on WordPress and publish engaging content to drive traffic to your website.

72. Blogger

Create a blog on Blogger and share insightful articles related to your industry.

73. Wix

Utilize Wix's blog feature to publish and promote your content.

74. Weebly

Create a blog on Weebly to share your expertise and connect with readers.

75. Ghost

Set up a free blog on Ghost and focus on content creation without distractions.

76. EzineArticles

Submit informative articles to EzineArticles and promote your website through author bios.

77. ArticleCube

Publish articles on ArticleCube and leverage its distribution network to reach a wider audience.

78. Business 2 Community

Contribute guest posts to Business 2 Community and showcase your expertise to a business-focused audience.

79. Buzzfeed Community

Blogs are one of the oldest and most successful forms of advertising on the internet, giving you a chance to share your voice and message with the world. Buzzfeed Community is an open platform for businesses to share their blogs with fans of the website. If Buzzfeed likes your article enough, they’ll even promote it on the site for you at no extra charge.

80. MetaFilter

MetaFilteris a blog that anyone can contribute to, unlike a traditional blog, which is usually owned and posted to by the same person. This openness gives users a platform to share their thoughts with one another and post things that they’ve found on the internet. Businesses can participate on MetaFilter by posting articles and links to their products, which is a good strategy for down-to-earth, tech-savvy brands.

Online Forums and Discussion Boards

81. DigitalPoint

Engage in discussions related to online marketing, SEO, and web development on DigitalPoint forums.

82. Warrior Forum

Participate in discussions on internet marketing and connect with fellow marketers on the Warrior Forum.

83. Moz Q&A Forum

Join the Moz community, share your SEO expertise, and promote your website through discussions.

84. WebmasterWorld

Connect with webmasters, SEO professionals, and developers on WebmasterWorld.

85. SEO Chat

Engage in SEO-related discussions and share insights on SEO Chat forums.

86. SitePoint

Participate in web development and design discussions on SitePoint forums.

87. Stack Exchange

Answer questions on specific topics and gain recognition as an industry expert on Stack Exchange.

Other platforms you can use to promote your website and business

88. Free Press Release

Free Press Releaseoffers a distribution service that shares your press releases with the FPR network and also works to place them high on search engine radar.

89. 24-7 Press Release

Like other press release distribution services, 24-7 Press Release will take your announcement and spread it among a wide variety of news and media services. It also boasts of a connection to the Associated Press.

90. Town Planner

This platform mostly serves smaller towns and communities. It serves as a catchall calendar for news, events, holidays of all sorts, and other promotions. Not every town uses Town Planner, but if your organization is tied to one that does, this could serve as a great way to share information and promote your website.

91. Manta

Mantaconnects small businesses with their desired market through the use of online tools, including Google Ads and SEO. It can also help you to use social media more efficiently and provides access to a number of other useful tools for website and business promotion.

92. Trustpilot

Speaking of trusted and informational websites, let’s talk about Trustpilot. Trustpilot is an online platform dedicated to giving consumers a voice. It allows people to review and promote businesses they like, as well as share negative experiences with other users on the platform. You can use Trustpilot to your advantage by requesting that your customers review you on the site. You can then share positive reviews directly on your website, boosting your reputation and credibility.


Promoting your website and business online doesn't have to be costly. By leveraging these 100 free platforms, you can reach a wider audience, drive organic traffic, and establish your brand's authority. Remember to choose the platforms that align with your target audience and industry. Consistently engaging with these platforms and providing valuable content will boost your online presence and contribute to long-term growth.
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Posted: Nov. 11, 2023, 12:40 a.m.

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